DaneStat have led a number of cross-industry discussions with Regulatory authorities and has provided technical guidance for the Biometrics department on topics such as subgroup analysis, regional analysis and quantitative decision making using probability of technical success and statistical assurance.



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DaneStat consulting are able to provide expert advice in clinical trial and regulatory statistics to design optimal development programs, and help understand the risks of such programs to perform quantitative decision making and develop novel approaches to drug development when this is necessary.


Building on experience of cross-industry and public-private collaboration, understanding our client requirements is essential to success, and DaneStat are committed to work closely with you to fully understand the issues at hand in order to propose the best option or options possible.



Aaron Dane, director of DaneStat, is a well regarded expert statistician with over twenty years of experience working in clinical development in the pharmaceutical industry. Aaron has published a number of peer reviewed papers and has presented key statistical and design proposals.